Study in IRELAND

Ireland has one of the best education systems in Europe. The quality of the Irish education system is a major contributing factor to the rapid rate of economic growth, this has been experienced over the last few decades.

Irish higher education institutions are widely recognised for excellence in many disciplines.  The country is recognised as an international location for high-quality scientific research too which remains one of the reason for the growth of international students coming to Ireland every year.

Ireland has a reputation for being a safe and welcoming country. It has also been rated as one of the best country to live. Ireland is renowned for its  friendliness and hospitality which greatly contributes to the ease with which overseas students adapt to student life in Ireland. People of Ireland are naturally curious and genuinely interested in others. A strong sense of community abounds everywhere in the country.

Indian students who have opted to do their higher studies in Ireland have invariably found their stay very academically rewarding and, on a personal level, a most congenial, interesting and worthwhile experience. Students from abroad are entitled to work part-time while in Ireland.

S.No. University Name Location
1 University College Dublin Dublin
2 Dublin Business School Dublin
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