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Embark on a study abroad adventure with VIEC !

VIEC is here to assist you in your pursuit of international education. We provide an array of services, dedicated to ensuring your triumph, and we will provide guidance and support throughout the entire process.

Course Advice

Selecting the ideal program from many options is challenging. Our skilled counselors aid in choosing the right fit based on your goals, budget, and location.

Shortlist Universities

Discover your ideal university through our Course Finder. After selecting your course, our advisors align your profiles with the perfect university and location.

Visa assistance

We will walk you through the application process and assist you in preparing the necessary paperwork for your visa submission.

Pre-departure guidelines

Embarking on a new adventure abroad? Let our pre-departure guidance ease your transition. From packing tips to cultural insights, we’ve got you covered.



25 years of experience in
Student Recruitment

We stand as one of the leading international student recruitment firms in South Asia.

Our well-trained and skilled counsellors can recruit for various destinations and institutions, ensuring a highly professional representation through our network.

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